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Thane TR-253-004 Flavor Stone Essential Cookware Set

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Nothing Sticks & Clean Up is a Breeze - A Versatile cookware set with all the essential pans If you're using artificial sprays and oil to prevent foods from sticking and/or clean up takes longe
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Nothing Sticks & Clean Up is a Breeze - A Versatile cookware set with all the essential pans

If you're using artificial sprays and oil to prevent foods from sticking and/or clean up takes longer than the cooking time you're probably using the wrong pans! Introducing the latest is 5-Star culinary technology, FlavorStone cookware with its Multi-Ply construction and proprietary Sapphire non-stick. Combined these features afford super heat conductivity and temperature control so FlavorStone is ideal for preparing super juicy steaks, perfect pancakes, exceptional eggs, and so much more all without adding fattening butter or oil. Better yet, the PFOA-Free Sapphire non-stick is Gem-Stone tough beautiful to look at and boy is cooking and clean up easy. In fact, no matter what you cook…. your FlavorStone pans clean with a swipe so you’re always ready for the next family meal.

Stop Soaking and Scrubbing - Clean Up With a Simple Swipe
Multiply Construction Eliminates Hot Spots and Works on Gas, Electric & Induction Cook Tops
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Virtually Nothing Sticks - No Added Fat or Oils
Upgraded Lid - Stainless Steel Rim, Moisture Escape Vent & ThermoControl Knob
You Get The "Essential" Pans Every Kitchen Needs Plus an Interchangeable Lid
New Cookie Sheet with Same Sapphire NonStick for Perfect Baking Results Everytime

This 5-piece FlavorStone set includes all the “essential” pans every kitchen needs. First there’s our most popular 9.5” Deluxe Deep pan. It’s one part fry pan… one part pot …. but with a little bit of saute’ and a touch of wok. The secret is the flared, deep wall design that keeps your food and juices inside and the splatter and mess off your stove top. You also get our "go-to" casserole pan that’s big enough for colossal casseroles, pounds of pasta and you can even roast a whole chicken with the fixings right on your stove top because the same flared wall design works with the lid’s dome shape to function like a Dutch oven. The heat cycles and circles enveloping your food for rapid cooking that seals in natural juices for mouth-watering results. The 9.5 inch sauté pan is also included plus you get an interchangeable FlavorStone tempered glass lid with a stainless steel rim to create a Flavor seal that locks in natural flavors while the moisture escape vent helps eliminate messy stove top boil overs. Your lid is also upgraded with the incredible ThermoControl knob so you always cook at the right temperature. The final piece included is the brand NEW FlavorStone cookie sheet. Just like every FlavorStone pan you receive it’s coated with PFOA-Free Sapphire non-stick that virtually nothing sticks to so you can bake cookies, danishes, pizza and more knowing that it won't be ruined when it lifts off the pan.

Every You Need To Complete Your Kitchen Comes Right in the Box!
  • 9.5 inches Deluxe Deep Pan - #1 FlavorStone Pan with 3 inch Deep Flared Walls
  • 9.5 inches Casserole Pan with Flared Walls & Dual Silicon Handles
  • 9.5 inches Saute Pan - Balanced & Lightweight
  • 9.5 inches Interchangeable Tempered Glass Lid - Stainless Steel Rim & Moisture Escape Vent
  • Glass Lid Upgrade - ThermoControl Knob Measure Cooking Temperature for Perfect Results
  • 17 x 11 inches Cookie Sheet - Coated in PFOE-Free Sapphire Non-Stick
  • FlavorStone Recipe Book

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