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Aluminum Cookware

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Aluminum with all its benefits boasts to be one of the most popularly used cookware with a nearly 50% market share today. The reasons behind the increased use of aluminum are its thermal conductivity, ready availability, less weight, non-toxic nature etc. Aluminum loses only about seven per cent of the heat it receives, leaving 93 per cent of the heat to cook your food. This means that aluminum cookware transfers heat very efficiently and evenly to the food inside, rather than to the air outside. So it really helps in faster cooking of food saving your valuable time.


More than half the cookware sold each year is made of aluminum. The chief reason is its abundance and thermal qualities. Ever since aluminum became readily available, the public, professional chefs and commercial food processors have welcomed its advantages for food preparation. Aluminum is light and strong, so even a large sturdy pan is easy to handle. It leaves no taste or odor to food, is durable and, best of all, and has excellent cooking characteristics.

Moreover it is really easy to clean and can be kept soaking in water. Many brands of aluminum cookware have dishwasher safe considerations and get easily cleaned. You get a wide variety of aluminum cookware to choose from. Many of the products also come with a limited warranty which really helps you to zero in onto a right product. Aluminum cookware with proper care and handling can last you for a lifetime and hence it is enjoying a large market share world-wide.

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