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Camping Cookware

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If you are planning to go for camping, the first thing you need to check out is your camping cookware. And believe me it is the only makes a difference in a wonderful camping experience and a bitter one. Yes! Camping cookware do play an important role in your trip to the woods. So selecting the right one is quite essential.

Here are a few things which you need to understand while selecting new camping cookware.

• Look for the right combination of weight and volume. The quantity of the food to be cooked determines the camping cookware you need to buy.


• Weight of the pots comes into play if you are hiking or car camping.

• Cleanliness is another issue for which you need to opt for non-stick cookware.

• Having a number of pots is also advantageous as it helps you to culinary experiment.

• The cookware should have uniform heat conduction and should be able to bear high temperature of the stove or campfire.

• There is a wide array of option in camping cookware like copper, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel etc. price and weight can help in narrowing down to a proper choice.

• Unlike the home cookware the camping cookware are generally not available with lids and handles. It helps to carry pot lifters and separate lids in such cases.

• Camping cookware should not include any meltable or plastic pots which might prove fatal in case you are using campfire.

• It is recommended to carry a liquid gas stove while you are camping. It helps in fast and even cooking.

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