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Copper Cookware

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Copper is a classic cookware which is traditionally used in western cooking. Copper is known for its heat conduction qualities which are quite effective when it comes to cooking. It conducts heat allowing it to distribute evenly throughout its body, it is sturdy when it comes rigorous daily use, it doesn’t loses it shine after an extended use, and it is regarded as a healthy cooking material. That is why copper cookware is very much popular in the United States as well as around the globe.

In the beginning, the best cookware were made out of a thick layer of copper for good thermal conductivity and a thin layer of tin was added to


it to prevent the copper from reacting with acidic foods. In general copper pans provide the best conductivity, and therefore the most even heating. But in past they used to be however, heavy, expensive, and to require occasional retinning, which was a big hindrance in making it a popular choice. Now the copper cookware is available with stainless steel rather than tin inside layer which last much longer. They are best for high-heat and fast-cooking techniques where the metal of the copper cookware can be often tested.

A small amount of copper is considered to be good for health but a high amount of it at the same time can prove to be unsafe. That is where the tin or stainless steel coating comes into play into the copper cookware to avoid its contact with acidic foods. Stainless steel is a good choice to coat the copper cookware compared to the traditional tin, as tin lining tends to dissolve with extended use which then requires retining. Some copper cookwares are coated with nickel as well which may be allergic to many people. You are recommended to avoid the copper cookware coated with nickel as it can prove fatal for people having allergy with the same.

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