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Magnalite Cookware

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When you have to know about Magnalite you will have to look back a couple of decades when it was formed. It was in the year 1934 when the first range of Magnalite classic cookware was developed, the tradition of quality cookware still followed at Magnalite.

The Magnalite classic cookware range is famed for its distinctive and unique cast aluminum material, precise design and permanence.It is during the casting process when the Magnalite cookware gets varied thickness throughout the pans which in turn maximizes the heat conductivity.


This is an excellent feature which you will find in Magnalite cookware range. The pans do have an extra thick base which enables the heat travel evenly and quickly through the pan sidewalls.

Bucketed spouts, weighty cast lids and cast-in flame guards combine together to create a product which is much durable and ready for any culinary adventure. The hallmark of the Magnalite classic cookware range is the sleek retro styling and durable cast design enduring this cookware line. The main advantages of using the Magnalite classic cookware is the thick base it provides for even heat transfer to all side of the pan, its heavy duty vapor tight lids locks in the moisture, uses lower energy heat settings thus saving energy, and oven safe up to 350 degrees. The Magnalite cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is another feature why you should opt for this cooking range.

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