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Cookware & Microwaves

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Cookwares consist of different types of pots, pans and other utensils which can be used for specific purposes. Pots and pans are available in different sizes and are made of different types of material like copper, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, glass etc. Some materials are better than others when used for specific cooking methods. Not only that but you can have many pans and pots which are made specifically for your microwave and those are commonly known as microwave cookware.

The pots and pans used in the cookware serve different purposes. The mainly used pots and pans are Braiser Pan, Broiler Pan,


Casserole, Chef's Pan, Chestnut Pan, Double Boiler, Dutch Oven, Fondue Pot, Frying Pan / Skillet, Glass Baking Pan, Gratiné pan, Grill Pan, Meatloaf Pan, Omelette Pan, Paella Pan, Roasting Pan, Roasting Pans with High Cover, Saucepan, Sautéing Pan, Sauteuse Pan, Stir-Fry Pan, Stockpot, wok etc. These pans are used for various specific purposes.

The microwave cookware is specifically used to cook food in the microwave and may sometimes be used to serve it as well. The microwave cookware is mainly Microwave Plate, Microwave Bacon Racks, Microwave Corn-Popper, Microwave Egg Boilers, Microwave Egg Boilers, Microwave Egg Poacher, Microwave Food Container, Microwave Kettle, Microwave Omlette Makers, Microwave Potato Baker, Microwave Rice Cooker, Microwave Saucepan, Microwave Set, Microwave Steam Mat, Microwave Steamer Basket etc. All these products are meant to be used for the microwave and not on any other source. The microwave cookwares are specially designed for the heat generated by the microwave.

The cookware and microwaves as discussed do come with their own sets of pans and pots which may or may not be used for serving purpose. Please read the dishwasher or cleaning directions for individual products for precise cleaning. Also check for the product warranty as many of the products come with a limited warranty.

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